Walk with us in one of Southern Africa’s last true Wilderness areas...

"Shangani" means literally, "To walk on the Sand" and relates strongly to our belief that the only way to enjoy and truly understand the bush is to be able to walk through nature, experiencing the smell, sounds and sights undisturbed by all external, artificial noises.

Why choose Shangani Trails?

Our passion is the bush and everything it entails. Not just the Big 5 but everything from the Four-Toed Elephant Shrew to the belligerent Honey Badger, from the mighty Baobab to the fragrance of the Wild Basil plant, from the intricacies of bird calls to the fascinating insights into animal territorial behaviour.

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Guest Feedback

"The walking safari with you had to be one of the best experiences of our life. We felt like we were really in wild Africa, everything was so natural and real." Jack & Alvina MacMurray, British Columbia, Canada

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Come and discover one of Africa's best kept secrets, simply select which trail you would like to experience, the number of days and on which dates and we will do the rest. Our Dream, Your Experience!

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